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Massage Therapy For the Mind and Soul

Owned and operated by Joshua Ayakatubby, a licensed massage therapist.

Haleli [hah-lay-lee]
1. To touch someone in a healing way.
2. Healing touch.
Origin: Chickasaw

Haleli, represents the basic ideals I hold for massage and wellness and what I would like to bring to the public.  My passion for massage therapy began at the Wellspring School of Allied Health when I began my studies in 2009.  I knew the moment I began this work, that it was the right profession for me.  In opening this practice, I plan to bring that passion to the public.  

Massage Therapy = Natural Healing Therapy

Experiencing stress in almost every aspect of your life, from work, family, and the economy, is not uncommon.  Massage therapy is the natural way to alleviate stress mentally, physically and spiritually as well as heal injured muscles and eliminate discomfort.  The more technical answer to the question of "what is massage therapy?" is that it is a therapy where pressure is applied to the muscular tissue of the body by the hands to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce pain and soothe injured muscles, increase energy, and ultimately promote a deep sense of balance and relaxation.

Living Social

If you purchased a Living Social coupon for massage, I will continue to accept them after the expiration date at the promotional price.  I realize the tickets expire after 4 months and there have been some questions regarding this.  Simply click on the Book Now button at the top of the page and choose from the Living Social sessions available.  If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.  

International Center for Reiki Training Professional Member

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It's my mission to make massage therapy affordable to everyone and I strive to bring that affordability to everything that I do.

Conventiently located near downtown Kansas City, Crown Center, and the Country Club plaza, in the Spring Wellness Center.

It's my hope you'll find my services to be everything that you need to eliminate your stress and discomfort.  

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